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In these days, one often wonders, which scientific publication to believe, which one to misstrust. Fact is, that most of the medical science is dominated by the shareholders value. As long as a medication sells, who cares about the “nebenwirkung” the side effects, that are sometimes worse than the initial illness. Then, a few years on this “medicine” is taken off the market and replaced by another “medicine” according to the producing company to be even better then the old one. And a few years on there is a 3rd one replacing the second one and so on. Often doctors can´t keep up with the pace of new developments, havn´t got time to read all the studies being done and many patients are not capable from distinguishing one quality from another, due to being overfed by newspaper articles or other forms of advertising.

It is out of this context, that we publish here some Organisations, who we believe to follow a course of protecting consumer rights and campaining for a high moral standard within science.

The International Forum for Accessible Science


Health and health care must not to be controlled by profit-oriented and other inappropriate interests, and so may not be dictated by market forces or exclusively controlled by government.

Academic and industrial medical research with possible public health and/or treatment benefits and policies for health maintenance must be subject to a public discourse to carry the authority of public confidence.

This should also apply for any such data about results of research which are relevant to the formation of public opinion on health risks, disease prevention, treatment possibilities and health care policies.

If you wish to join and/or support IFAS, please write to:
International Forum for Accessible Science (IFAS)
c/o Studiengruppe für Ernährung und Immunität,
Elisabethenstrasse 51,
3014 Bern, Switzerland

aids critics books from

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