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Are there Pictures of HIV ?

If one starts examing the “HIV causes AIDS” theory, the question, whether there is photogenic proof sooner or later comes into the discussion. Below are a few pages, which give an impression of the complex question sorounding this topic.

There are dozens of picture of HIV.  If these are not a retrovirus what have we been looking at all these years?

At its inimical website "Focus on the HIV/AIDS Connection" the National Institutes of Allergy and Infectious Diseases present their evidence "Why is there overwhelming scientific consensus that HIV causes AIDS?". The answer to this question of "consensus" includes an invitation to visit in order to see "Electron micrographs and other images of HIV".  Of these 25 images the majority are diagrams, artists' renditions or computer graphics.  Only eight images are electron microscopic pictures and none identify the source or nature of the material photographed.  Significantly, none have a size bar, that is, in no EM is it possible to measure the size of the particles or determine the dimensions of any other morphological feature. From the scientific point of view this is both highly unprofessional and unsatisfactory because the dimension of particles is critical to taxonomy.  The best conclusion one can draw from the EMs (the other images are irrelevant) is the existence in unidentified cell cultures of minute quantities of matter, that is, particles of indeterminate size which also possess certain other morphological features.  Since these are the pictures "we have been looking at all these years", let us examine the proposition "These EMs are a retrovirus HIV".   more...

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